Adding audio files

VideoStudio provides a separate Voice Track and Music Track but you may interchangeably insert voice and music files on either track. To insert, click Corel Videostudio audio insert mediafiles Adding audio files and select Insert Audio. Choose which track to insert your audio file.

Tip: Click Audio View for easier editing of your audio clips.

The VideoStudio DVD also comes with several audio clips ready for your use. Click Load audio Corel Videostudio audio load audio Adding audio files to add them to the Library for easy access.

Adding voiceover narration

Documentaries and news features often use narrations to help the audience understand what is going on in the video. VideoStudio allows you to record your own narration with crisp and clear results.

To add voiceover narration:

1 Click the Music & Voice tab.

2 Move to the section of the video where you want to insert your narration by using the Jog Slider.

Note: You cannot record over an existing clip. When a clip is selected, recording is disabled. Make sure that a clip is not selected by clicking on an empty area on the Timeline.

3 Click Record Voice. The Adjust Volume dialog box appears.

4 Speak into the microphone and check if the meter responds accordingly. Use the Windows audio mixer to adjust the volume of the microphone.

5 Click Start and begin speaking into the microphone.

6 Press [Esc] or click Stop to end recording.

Tip: The best way to record narrations is to do the recording in 10 to 15-second sessions. This makes it easier to remove a badly recorded narration and redo it. To remove, just select the clip on the Timeline and press [Delete].

Adding background music

Set the feel of your movie with the background music of your choice. VideoStudio can record and convert song tracks from your CD into WAV files and then insert them onto the Timeline.

VideoStudio also supports WMA, AVI, and other popular audio file formats which you can directly insert onto the Music Track.

Importing music from an audio CD

Capture music by importing from an audio CD. VideoStudio copies the CDA audio file then saves it in your hard drive as a WAV file.

To import music from an audio CD:

1 Click Import from Audio CD in the Music & Voice tab to open the Rip CD Audio dialog box. To check if the disc is detected, see to it that Audio drive is enabled.

2 Select the tracks to be imported in the Track List.

3 Click Browse and select the destination folder where the imported files will be saved.

4 Click Rip to start importing the audio tracks.

Adding third-party music

VideoStudio’s Auto Music feature lets you easily create composer-quality sound tracks from royalty-free music and use them as background music in your project. You can have different tempos or musical instrument variations per music.

Note: Auto Music Maker utilizes the patented SmartSound Quicktracks technology in sound track creation and features a variety of SmartSound royalty-free music.

To add third-party music:

1 Click the Auto Music tab.

2 Select how the program will search for music files in Scope.

3 Select the Library from where to import the music.

4 Under Music, select the music you want to use.

5 Select a Variation of the selected music. Click Play Selected Music to play back the music with the variation applied.

6 Set the Volume level then click Add to Timeline.

Tip: Select Auto trim to automatically trim the audio clip to fit the empty space based on the Jog Slider position.

Adding audio files