The Effect Step Options Panel

VideoStudio takes care of all the details to make your transitions smooth and professional. You can further customize your transitions after adding them to your project. The Effect Step Options Panel displays the settings of your selected transition so that you can change their various attributes. This gives you complete control of exactly how your transitions will behave and look like in your movie.

Note: The attributes in the Options Panel vary depending on the type of transition effect that is selected and applied to your project.

  • Duration: Shows the duration of the applied effect on the selected clip in hours:minutes:seconds:frames. You can adjust the duration by changing the timecode values.

  • Border: Determines the thickness of the border. Enter 0 to remove the border.

  • Color: Determines the hue of the transition effect’s border or flap.

  • Soft edge: Specifies how well you want the transition effect to blend with the clips. A Strong soft edge results in a less pronounced transition, thus creating a smooth progression from one clip to another. This option works best for irregular shapes and angles.

  • Direction: Specifies the direction of a transition effect. (This is only applicable to some of the transition effects.)

The Effect Step Options Panel