Installing and running VideoStudio

The VideoStudio DVD has an auto-run feature that automatically starts up the installation.

Back up your projects and media files first before installing the new version of VideoStudio.

To install VideoStudio:

1 Insert the VideoStudio DVD into your DVD-ROM drive.

2 When the Setup screen appears, follow the instructions to install VideoStudio on your computer.

Note: If the Setup screen does not appear after loading the DVD, then you can manually start it by double-clicking the My Computer icon on your desktop, then double-click the icon for the DVD-ROM drive where the installation disc is inserted. When the DVD-ROM window opens, double-click the Setup icon.

3 In addition to VideoStudio, these programs and drivers will be automatically installed:

· QuickTime

· SmartSound

· Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package

· DirectX

To run VideoStudio:

  • Double-click the VideoStudio icon on your Windows desktop.

  • Select the VideoStudio icon from the VideoStudio program group on the Windows Start menu.

Installing and running VideoStudio