Adding clips to the Overlay Track

Drag media files to the Overlay Track on the Timeline to add them as overlay clips for your project.

To add a clip to the Overlay Track:

1 In the Library, select the media folder that contains the Overlay clip that you want to add to your project.

Tip: To load media files into the Library, click Corel Videostudio overlay folder icon Adding clips to the Overlay Track. In the dialog box that opens, locate the media file and click Open.

2 Drag the media file from the Library to the Overlay Track on the Timeline.

Corel Videostudio overlay drag and drop Adding clips to the Overlay Track


· To insert a media file directly to the Overlay Track, right-click the Overlay Track and select the type of file you want to add. The file will not be added into the Library.

· You can also use color clips as Overlay clips.

3 Customize the Overlay clip using the options available in the Edit tab.

4 Click the Attribute tab. The Overlay clip is then resized to a preset size and positioned at the center. Use the options in the Attribute tab to apply motion to the Overlay clip, add filters, resize and reposition the clip, and more.


· To make Overlay clips with transparent backgrounds, you can create a 32-bit alpha channel AVI video file or an image file with an alpha channel. You can use an animation program such as Ulead COOL 3D Production Studio or an image editing program such as Ulead PhotoImpact to create these video and image files.

· Another alternative is to use VideoStudio’s Mask & Chroma Key function to mask a specific color on an image.

Adding clips to the Overlay Track