Recording back to a DV camcorder

After editing your project and creating a video file, VideoStudio allows you to record the video to your DV camcorder. You can only record a video that is using DV AVI format to your DV camcorder.

To record a movie to your DV camcorder:

1 Turn your camcorder ON and set it to Play mode (or VTR / VCR mode). See your camcorder’s manual for specific instructions.

2 Click the Share Step.

3 Select a compatible DV AVI file from the Library.

4 Click DV Recording.

5 The DV Recording – Preview Window dialog box opens. You can preview the video file here. After you are done previewing, click Next.

6 In the Project Playback – Record Window dialog box, use the Navigation Panel to go to the section of the DV tape where to start recording.

Tip: Click Transmit to device unit for preview to preview your project on the DV camcorder’s LCD monitor.

7 Click Record. After you are done recording your project to the DV camcorder, click Finish.

Note: Before recording a video file back to your DV camcorder, make sure the video is saved with the correct codec. For example, the codec DV Video Encoder usually works well for most NTSC DV camcorders. You can select it from the Compression tab in the Video Save Options dialog box.

Recording back to a DV camcorder