Recording back to an HDV camcorder

To record your finished project to an HDV/HD camcorder, you must first render it as HDV/HD-encoded MPEG-2 transport stream file.

To record a movie to your HDV camcorder:

1 Turn your camcorder ON and set it to Play/Edit mode. See your camcorder’s manual for specific instructions.

2 In Share Step Options Panel, click HDV Recording and select a transport stream template.

3 Enter a file name in Create Video File dialog box.

4 VideoStudio renders the project. When done, HDV Recording – Preview Window dialog box opens. You can preview the video file here.

5 Click Next to start recording.

6 In the Project Playback – Record Window dialog box, use the Navigation Panel to go to the section of the DV tape where to start recording.

Tip: Click Transmit to device unit for preview to preview your project on the DV camcorder’s LCD monitor.

7 Click Record. After you are done recording your project to the HDV camcorder, click Finish.

Recording back to an HDV camcorder