The Title Step Options Panel

The Title Step Options Panel allows you to modify text properties such as font, size, and color.

Edit tab

  • Duration: Displays the duration of the selected clip in hours:minutes:seconds:frames. You can adjust the duration by changing the timecode values.

  • Vertical text: Click Corel Videostudio title vertical text The Title Step Options Panel to make the orientation of the title vertical.

  • Font face: Selects your desired font style.

  • Font size: Sets your desired font size.

  • Color: Specifies your preferred font color.

  • Line spacing: Sets the spacing, or leading, between lines of text.

  • Rotate by degree: Sets the specified angle and direction (clockwise or counter clockwise) of the text.

  • Multiple titles: Select to use multiple text boxes for your text.

  • Single title: Select to use a single text box for your text. This is automatically selected when opening a project file from older versions of VideoStudio.

  • Text backdrop: Select to apply a solid background bar, ellipse, rectangle, curve-edged rectangle or a rounded rectangle as background for your text. Click Corel Videostudio title text backdrop button The Title Step Options Panel to use a solid or gradient color and to set the transparency of the text backdrop.

  • Border/Shadow/Transparency: Sets the border and intensity of the shadow and transparency of the text.

  • Open subtitle file: Inserts a previously saved movie subtitle.

  • Save subtitle file: Saves the movie subtitle to a file for future use.

  • Show grid lines: Select to display the grid lines. Click Corel Videostudio grid line options The Title Step Options Panel to open a dialog box where you can specify grid line settings.

Animation tab

  • Apply Animation: Enables or disables animation of the title clip.

  • Type: Where you can select your preferred animation effect for your title.

  • Presets: Select a preset for the selected animation type to apply to your text.

  • Customize animation attributes: Opens a dialog box where you can specify animation settings.

The Title Step Options Panel