How VideoStudio works

VideoStudio follows a step-by-step paradigm that lets you easily capture, edit, and share your video. VideoStudio also offers more than a hundred transition effects, professional titling capabilities and simple soundtrack creation tools. Learn in seconds, create in minutes.

To make a movie production, you need to capture footage from a camcorder or another video source. You can then trim the captured videos, arrange their order, apply transitions, add overlays, animated titles, voiceover narration, and background music. These elements are organized on separate tracks. Changes to one track do not affect other tracks.

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A movie production is in the form of a VideoStudio project file (*.VSP), which contains information on the path location of the clips and how the movie has been put together. After you have finished your movie production, you can burn it to a VCD, DVD, BD or record the movie back to your camcorder. You can also output your movie as a video file for playback on the computer, import it to mobile devices or share it online.

VideoStudio uses the information in the video project file to combine all the elements in your movie into a video file through a process called rendering.

VideoStudio contains a sample finished project that lets you have a general overview of most of the features that are available in the program. This sample project also lets you experiment and get a general feel of how to use VideoStudio. Select Sample Project from the VideoStudio program group on the Windows Start menu.

How VideoStudio works